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Life Stills – Philip Drummond

Philip Drummond’s exhibition, Life Stills, takes audiences on a visual journey that restages the classic tradition of still life painting. Drummond’s lusciously painted theatrical tableaux depicting Australian flora and fauna, playfully reinvent the visual magic of seventeen century Flemish still life painting.

The genre of still life painting has been employed by artists throughout history as both a conventional and experimental mode of visual inquiry. What distinguishes this painting tradition from others, such as portraiture and landscape, is the study of inanimate objects. Such paintings are often composed in a way that suggests allegorical meaning.

Still life reached its most refined form in Northern Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Drummond’s paintings continue this tradition; his still life compositions depict a fecund harvest of flowers cut at their fullest bloom, fruits picked at their ripest and game felled at its plumpest. These sumptuous images, resplendent with a bounty of earthly delights, are staged against ethereal dark backgrounds that act to untether them from a material world where all eventually fades and decays.

This stunning exhibition includes the artist’s broader practice such as landscapes that capture the light and unique geography of the Hunter Valley region, as well as exquisitely observed paintings of animal kind.

Life Stills, is on display at Cessnock Regional Art Gallery from Wed 2 March to Sunday 17 April 2016. This exhibition is in partnership with Tamburlaine Organic Wines, where the artist will also have works on exhibition